Agiofarago, Crete

Agiofarago, Crete

Agiofarago, Crete

Agiofarago Creta Greece … or Agiofarag(in) as it is customary called by the local climbers. When you get in you forget to get out … Everyone is taken aback by its imposing rocks, the river and the sea.

Five hundred years ago, and up until recently, the place was a religious retreat for dozens of ascetics. For a while, they coexisted with climbers, respecting each other’s madness. Respect … what a great thing !! Respect for nature but above all respect for fellow human beings, something which is, unfortunately, increasingly rare nowadays.

The ascetics all these years have shown us the way and we, in turn, are trying to do our part in keeping this place pure, clean and beautiful.

Rubbish collection day is an event organized by climbers over the last 13 years – almost always – on the last weekend of October. A spontaneous meeting of friends, which recently numbered 200 people from 21 different nationalities. Without sponsors, without advertising and interests, only with love and respect for what we like to do in our free time.

Agiofarago or the “village”, as some still call it. A “smart” guy wrote in a climbing guide that if this crag was in the West, it would number 1,000 routes and not the 150 that it has today. Our answer is, “To each his own!” Every time we dive into the sea, at one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, we have in front of us the Libyan Sea and we turn our backs to Europe … This is, of course, a matter of perspective for some.

150 routes, all bolted with love and respect. 90% of the routes are single-pitch with permanent bolts and their difficulty ranges from very easy to very difficult. There are now some multi-pitch – really easy – routes.

The place is ideal for Free Camping all year round and especially during the winter, always paying attention to the river that often rises !! The historic church of Agios Antonios is our refuge in the cold and often rainy nights of winter. A shelter for believers and non-believers, as long as there is respect. We love and care for it as if it was our home and we always leave it cleaner than we find it.

A visit on one of the rubish collection days is the best way to get to know the secrets of the place, secrets that can’t be found in any climbing guide and any YouTube channel.

See you at the rocks, with love and respect for nature and our fellow men.

Cretan Climbing Community – Against all forms of racism

Aris Mavromatis


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